NEW! Load Support Refurb Kit

Air suspension kit laid out

We often get calls from customers with older motorhomes looking for replacement airbags. The brackets are still good but the bags have worn out. They have either bought their motorhome recently and therefore are not familiar with air suspension or have had their motorhome for so long that it is impossible to remember the part number.

Since there are about 10 000 airbags in common use we thought - let's come up with a new universal kit! It is quicker and easier than asking customers to send us photos with bag measurements or post the bags to us and then spend a considerable amount of time trying to match them.

Although designed primarily to convert older motorhomes, this kit can fit many vehicles and is an ideal starter pack to build your own kit. It will require fabrication and is classed as 'advanced fit'. If in doubt about fitment requirements please get in contact or get your installer to get in contact and we can discuss what is required.

More information available HERE.