New Dunlop kit for MAN and new Crafter

AirRide is pleased to announce a new Dunlop kit for the front wheel drive VW Crafter (2017 onwards models) and MAN TGE (partner vehicle). As with all Dunlop sales kits, these are load support kits, direct bolt-on and come with AirRide's five-year warranty. They also come with a full range of AirRide air management options, which vary from simple Schrader (tyre) valves to dash-mounted buttons or smartphone options.

These kits are simple, competent DIY or local garage-rated for fitment, and improve the ride, handling and stability of the vehicle. Many brand-new motorhomes are not road legal as supplied and require air suspension to achieve required suspension motion. This is ideal for heavy vans needing additional lift or support. In stock and ready to ship.