Maximum lift and drop


Continuing our mini-series of frequently asked questions, this blog post will be dedicated to maximum drop and lift.

In short, air suspension is not a magic solution for all problems - but it can solve many. Not every vehicle can be slammed right to the ground and not every vehicle can be made to ride like a Rolls Royce - but thats not always what customers want, and even if it is then there is usually a trade off between drop and ride quality.

AirRide specialises in aftermarket air suspension, that is, vehicles that were not originally fitted with air suspension. Our car kits are primarily designed to lower the vehicle. Our load support kits stabilise heavy vehicles. Our full rear kits are used for vehicles that need to be lowered while loading/unloading, nd to have the very best ride possible at all times.

The exact lift/drop range will depend on the kit, the vehicle and the application and customer requirements. For this reason, we wont usually quote specific minimum and maximum ranges.