Introducing AirRide’s Magic MINI!

We've been busy in the workshop lately, fitting AirRide Gold to this beautiful MINI R50.

The folks from Performance MINI magazine even came down to have a look, with their photographer taking snaps of every step of the installation process. The MINI will be featured in the May and June issue of the magazine as part of a handy installation guide, so if you want to know exactly how air is fitted, look no further!

But if you can't wait 'til then, drop us a call or e-mail and we can send you fitting steps for your kit. One of our favourite things about AirRide Gold kits is that they're bolt-on, meaning you may be able to fit the kit yourself (or any local garage can if you don't feel comfortable doing so).

To see more brilliant pictures like this one, make sure to give our Instagram a follow, too. As well as great pics of our Magic MINI, you'll also find videos of air suspension in action, snaps of our great range of kits and interactive stories. See you there!

And don't forget, we don't just do air suspension for cars. On our insta you'll find some pics of a T5 we recently fitted, as well as this video. #TooshieTuesdays is definitely a thing, right?

Have a look at the AirRide Gold page for MINIs here. To check out Gold kits for any other car, click here.

MINI R50 with AirRide Gold