Important: Changes to AirLift Performance Warranty

There will be important changes to the manufacturer's warranty from 03/09/2021.

3P/3H/3S will have a 2 year warranty if purchased without AirLift Suspension.

3P, 3H and 3S will have a 4 year  warranty if purchased with a front and rear suspension kit from AirLift Performance.

Suspension kits have a 1 year warranty if bought without 3P, 3S, or 3H and a 2 year warranty if bought at the same time.

All warranties will be limited to the original buyer and proof of purchase will be required for warranty claims placed direct with AirLift. Registration of your warranty will be required.

This represents a clarification and compliance with UK law (which does not recognise the previously ambiguous terms used - Limited Lifetime Warranty). This is not a radical change but continues a top notch product, with excellent backup and clearer warranty terms.