Great Range of Bags and kits for US cars

Although we are a UK supplier and installer of air suspension because we deal with a couple of the finest air suspension companies in the US, we are able to offer a nice range of kits and parts for the popular American muscle car, SUV, and pick-up truck’s from the 1950’s right up to current models.

Each kit is assembled on an individual basis, and you can be absolutely assured that we only use the very best components available, and that these are not horrific copies. They have been designed, and tested on real cars, and not from buying a damper and guessing as one large US company does.

Many of these kits have been in production for over 10 years, and despite the fact that they are very high quality kits, are not much more expensive than the ill fitting, copies that you may see advertised in the magazines.

All our kits are official imports, with the import duty paid – please note that when you import air suspension from the US you have to pay freight and around 21% import duty on both the total and the freight cost.

Our air suspension kits enable you to adjust the ride height, but also improve the handling and ride quality which is so important if you intend to use these vehicles on the UK roads for which they were not designed.

Redesigned rear suspension for many archaic American designs also make dramatic improvements in traction, due to better location of the axle.

As always we are able to fit any of our products, and invite you to get in touch to discuss your particular needs.