Full vs Semi Air Suspension

One of the most popular questions we get asked is: what is the difference between full air suspension and semi air suspension?

Full air suspension actually has two meanings which is why we always ask customers for more information. Full can mean both front and rear or it can mean a rear air suspension solution where the entire metal spring is replaced by an air spring as opposed to an auxiliary air suspension which is fitted in addition to the existing suspension. This question is most relevant to Motorhomes, Vans and sometimes pickups.

Cars usually have full air in the sense that it is both front and rear and it becomes the entire suspension system. It is usually managed with a computer controller.

Semi air suspension which is also called load support, auxiliary air or sometimes supplementary or secondary suspension is installed in addition to your existing suspension and is aimed at heavy vehicles, such as commercial vans and motorhomes that are often at their weight limit.  Load support improves ride quality and lifts the vehicle up but will not lower it.

If you need to lift and lower the vehicle then a full rear kit is required. It is used by commercial vehicles, limousines, museum vehicles, aviation transport vehicles, etc. It replaces your existing spring.

Air management for semi air suspension ranges from basic Schrader valves to manual on-board air (OBA) options.