Essen Motor Show 2022

AirRide staff are freshly back from the Essen Motor Show in Germany, which took place last week. It was a huge event and we're thrilled to have been there! Hundreds of eye candies in the form of custom vehicles, classic cars, trucks, bikes - we still got aching necks from all that looking around, lol! Apart from looking at beautiful cars, we also did a lot of networking and checked out air suspension solutions from competitors.

Apparently we made about 1500 photos in the last week, some of which you can see here, and we will also be sharing our faves on Instagram. Given how busy AirRide normally is, we really appreciated the chance to spend a week away from the Norwich workshop and attend a motor show. When a business trip feels like a holiday you know you're doing a job you love!

Apollo Intensa Emozion on display at Essen Motor Show 2022
Ford Ranger
Purple Aston Martin displayed at Essen Motor Show 2022
Lowered Mercedes W124
Purple Lamborghini displayed at Essen Motor Show 2022
Lowered Mercedes W126