Classic Mini PVE kit.

P1080363The Classic mini air suspension kit is now also available for Pick-up, Van and estate. The front end is the same as the saloon but the rear turreting metal is different. As with all full kits these are made to order and delivery is usually a few weeks. Prices are the same as the standard kit and options similarly vary from very basic bag/bracket kits with no on board air supply or management right up to full digital kits, and everything in between. If your needs are not listed then please email and we can put together an individual price to meet your requirements.


The front end conversion is a direct bolt on with only a couple of extra holes in the subframe required. The rear end of all conversions requires some welding as the mounting area is not large enough and more significantly is not strong enough.
Air suspension offers control over ride height, spring rate and can tailor the ride quality to a clients individual needs. Ideal for those with back or neck injuries who love their Minis or for those wanting low riders. Additional drop available on request.
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