Classic Mini kit v3

Its now over 18 months since we sketched out the new Classic Mini v3 kit. The old kit has been very popular but it needed some cutting of the car and tank to fit properly. With the price of Mini's going higher and higher people are less willing to cut their cars and we created some new parts for a film which we figures would make the Mini conversion simpler to fit. We didn't realise it would take so much work but we are just finishing the final development and will launch the kit shortly. There is already a waiting list for the new kits so the first batch is likely already sold. More details will be added soon, and if you want to be added to a list to be contacted when its launched please email, or keep an eye out on the site.

The new kit is entirely bolt on. There are a couple of extra holes to drill but it is fully reversible. Various management options as usual. More information when we have it.


Classic Mini at AirRide