Bike Week UK: Air for motorbikes

Air suspension is often associated with motorhomes and caravans, so we’re frequently asked if there’s any benefit to installing it to a much smaller vehicle such as a motorbike.

The answer is YES! – air ride is a great way to customise your bike, both in terms of style and practicality (in fact a lot of Harley-Davidson bikes – such as the Road King below – now have it as standard).

Other than the obvious – it just looks cooler – lowering your bike means handling and stability is naturally improved, meaning air suspension is ideal for negotiating those sharp corners and narrow gaps in the road.

But it also offers a better, smoother ride when the bike is raised, as you can alter the suspension to make it more suitable for the road conditions.

And, if you ever want to show off just how smooth that ride is to a mate (or future girlfriend/boyfriend – we hear nothing guarantees a date better than quality air suspension) then you can! Kits are available that prevent sag when you’re riding with a passenger and then readjust when you’re on your own again.

That adjustment can come at the touch of a button as well, so you can alter the ride height on the move.

Lastly, but most importantly, air suspension is safe too. When stationary you’ll be able to lower to a height where you can rest your feet flat on the ground. You can also customise your air suspension to mean the bike rests on the frame when not being used, meaning it doesn’t need a stand!

Please feel free to CALL or E-MAIL us if you’d like to discuss air suspension for your bike.

Harley-Davidson Road King