AirRide Guides: Air Management

All air suspension kits work best with air management, which is what allows you to control your air and adjust your ride height.

We offer tonnes of management options, and the type of management we offer varies depending on what vehicle you have. But for cars and Transporters, these are your main options:

Digital computer controller

The best air management option we offer is the AirLift 3P digital computer. This has five pre-programmable settings, meaning you can change your ride height at the touch of a button, while it can also adjust your height automatically, according to road conditions. You can control the computer with a phone app, available on iOS and Android, from inside or outside the car.


Controllers can simply be basic non-solenoid manual paddle controllers (MPCs) which are very simple and relatively cheap (but quite slow). The switches with an MPC basically resemble electric-window switches.

These are often the controllers of choice for motorhomes and vans but they can also work very well on cars. They are used on more subtle systems and usually take between 10 and 20 seconds to lift a vehicle from fully-down to fully-up. This allows you to adjust each of the four corners and set your own ride heights.

Solenoid controllers

Electric solenoid controllers are also similar to electric-window switches, although you can also control solenoids in more complex ways, including switch boxes, multi-function remotes and ECUs (electric computer units).

With both MPCs and solenoid kits, the controllers are used by simply pressing up to inflate and down to deflate. The gauge needles will give a very good approximation of the height of each corner. It is simple to learn what pressure is needed to drive without catching, what is most comfortable, and how much to increase the rear by if you have extra passengers. Solenoid kits are faster and more compact than manual paddle kits.

Schrader valves

Of course, you don't need a management kit, especially if you have a motorhome (we would always recommend it for cars). Simple Schrader valve kits have historically been the first choice for motorhome owners, although many are now seeing the benefit of more control. With a Schrader valve kit, you simply inflate your system with a tyre inflator or at a petrol station or garage every time it needs a top-up. These systems do not involve a compressor or solenoids and so cannot be controlled.

Even if you already have an air suspension system, you can add air management at any time. It's never too late to get kitted out with a computer or manual paddles, even if you start out with just Scharder valves!


Manual air suspension buttons
The AirLift 3P digital computer system can be used with a phone app