AirRide Custom T5/T6 kit

The AirRide Custom for VW T5/T6 is one of our very best selling kits having been in production for an amazing 18 years in various evolutions! If you're looking for a comfy ride and want the option to lower the vehicle... you've found it!

Although not the absolute lowest vehicle possible this is the best kit in terms of robustness and comfort. The AirRide Custom uses some of the highest spec bags on the market. Loading is easier for sure and it has been used by lots of builders and plumbers wanting nice looking vehicle but also vehicles which can go to rough sites where roads may not have been finalised yet.

We've added some photos of a recent installation: our customer wanted to lower his T5 camper without compromising on comfort. After weighing the pros and cons of 3H (height +pressure) vs 3P (pressure only), he chose 3P. The 3P computer controller pack is our most popular air suspension management option. It is easy to use, allows to save up to 5 pre-set heights, making it so much more convenient to adjust pressure on the go. It is also the easiest and therefore lowest cost air management option to install. With only a few wires to connect, 3P saves you money on labour and maintenance costs as it reduces the chance of an air leak.

In terms of where to install air management parts, each VW Transporter is different so this is always discussed with the customer to find out their needs. Because space is usually premium, the bulk of our installations are hidden installations meaning the compressor, controller and tank don't take up any space inside the cab but are instead tucked away under the vehicle.

The AirRide Custom kit is available HERE.

Need more information? Please call us on 0800 772 0315 or send an email to  ENQUIRIES@AIRRIDE.UK


Lowered light blue VW Transporter T5 outside AirRide
Close up of a rear AirRide Custom double convoluted bag installed on a VW T5
AirLift Performance 3P wired controller shown on the driver's seat in a VW T5