AirRide Custom for T6 T32 4 motion

Do we have a Transporter kit for the T32? Yes! Do we have a kit that would fit the 4motion? Yes!

The owner of this beautiful camper van wanted to make travelling on ferries and going offroad easier. Because of the LVR body styling, clearance was a problem. We recommend our AirRide Custom kit with an upgrade to triple bags on the front. This kit uses Boss bags, which have a phenomenal load and great lift capacity. The Custom kit can also be used for lowering the vehicle as that is what most of our customers are after.

As with most campers, this was a hidden installation meaning the compressor, controller and tank don't take up any space inside the cab but are instead tucked away under the vehicle.

The AirRide Custom kit is available HERE.

Need more information? Please call us on 0800 772 0315 or send an email to  ENQUIRIES@AIRRIDE.UK


Close up of a lifted grey VW Transporter T6 front
Close up of a rear AirRide Custom double convoluted bag installed on a VW T6
Grey VW T6 T32 parked outdoors