5 Reasons To Get A Load-Support Kit

Dunlop load-support kit

Load-support kits are our most popular kits for motorhome, campervan and van owners. We sell kits from household name Dunlop, as well as Australian manufucaturers Boss.

We can do a load-support kit for almost any vehicle, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or e-mail if you can't find your kit in the Motorhome & Van Kit Finder or search bar or, if you're still not convinced, read on...

  1. Dunlop kits are the creme de la creme of air suspension. You may know the name from their shoes, bike tyre or tennis balls - Dunlop even sponosred Steffi Graf and John McEnroe back in the day - but most importantly, they just make really, really good air bags. Dunlop bags are super reliable too - that's why AirRide offer a five-year warranty on all their kits. I know, you cannot be serious, right?Boss, meanwhile, manufacture all their load-support kids for the ruggedness of the Australian outback. Their bags are as tough as they come - not only can they survive the 50-degree heat of Australia's red centre, but the sub-freezing temepatures of Scandinavia too - perfect if you're taking your motorhome around the world!
  2. Load-support kits offer a much more comfortable ride. Load-support kits are fitted in addition to your vehicle's original spring, meaning they literally 'support' the original suspension. This re-inforcement can only mean one thing - your ride gets better. Bumps in the road will be ironed out once more, providing a much smoother experience.
  3. Air suspension is adjustable. This means you can raise and lower the pressure of your air bags to make sure your vehicle always stays level, no matter the load. It also means you can adjust the vehicle's height to load it before raising it again.
  4. Improved stability. Load support makes your vehicle perfectty level, meaning crosswinds buffer each part of it evenly. This makes it more stable, helping at junctions, roundabouts and motorways, therefore making your motorhome nicer to drive.
  5. More ground clearance. Air suspension on the back of your vehicle obviously increases the distance between the bottom of it and the ground, which reduces damage to the underside of the vehicle and makes towing easier.

Remember, give us a call on 0800 772 0315 or e-mail at enquiries@airride.uk to discuss load-support kits for your vehicle. We're happy to get calls and we can even install the kit for you too!

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