What is an ECU?

An ECU is a digital Electronic Control Unit (a computer). Modern ECUs are easy to install, compact, user-friendly and have lots of different features.

They are also known as computers, digital control or ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension).

How does a basic ECU work?

All the solenoids (and sometimes the compressors) in an air suspension system are controlled by the ECU. A display fitted to the dashboard of your vehicle shows a digital readout of the pressure in each bag or the height of each corner (or even both).

The user has several pre-sets which allow the height of the vehicle to be set with a single touch of a button. The number of pre-sets varies but there are often three – fully-up, fully-down and ride, although they can be set as you wish within certain limits.

What other features are available?

One of the best features of ECUs is the remote-control function. Using a key fob, you can control at least the three pre-sets from a distance. With the remote, you can get out of the car and drop the height to the ground as you are walking away – you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

Also, all ECUs can now be controlled by a phone app! Most are compatible with iPhones and Android but do check first.

With an ECU, the car can also adjust to ride height as soon as you turn your key in the ignition. Not only is this convenient but it also saves damage if you have been playing with the height and forget (it also looks pretty cool too).

ECUs can also use pressure sensors to read the pressure in each bag; this gives a fairly accurate indication of the height of the vehicle. They can use height sensors for even better accuracy, but these are harder to fit as the sensor fits to the suspension itself. Some systems can have both. We recommend pressure-based systems only.

Which controller is best?

All controllers are quite similar in function, and there is no simple answer. It depends upon the use and to a certain degree the display you like best.

We currently stock joystick controllers which have up to 18 functions available and work with any air suspension kits with solenoids. Game controller remotes (such as a Playstation controller) are also popular but we do not sell them.

What kind of ECUs do AirRide sell?

At AirRide we do numerous ECUs, including the AirLift V2, AirLift 3P, the AccuAir and the RisePro.

Some ECUs, such as the AirLift computers, have integral internal solenoids that come in the box, but most ECUs require you to buy solenoids separately.

If you want to discuss which ECU would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call.



Basic ECU kit


The DD Display unit

The actual ECU computer


REmote Keyfobs and aerial


Full Pressure and height system with remotes

Presure sensors for ECU

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