Delicate load solutions

Here at AirRide we are often asked about providing solutions for the transport of delicate loads.

In the past we have built vehicles for many clients needing specialist load protection such as:-

  • Transporting valuable museum art such as priceless paintings, vases and similar items.
  • Delicate computer servers for outside broadcast units for TV companies.
  • The transport of very high value aviation items such as helicopter or aircraft parts.
  • Large quantities of ornamental glass.

The ultimate delicate load is people with injuries, whether that be through accident, illness or old age. Many are transported in minibuses, which tend to be vans with seats in them, and provide very harsh rides.

If you require a specialised solution to meet your requirements then please let us know and we will be happy to provide a quote. This section of the site does not have so many photos as many of the clients require anonymity due to the transport of very high value items.

Solutions can include air suspension fitting to vans, motorhomes or trailers. Sometimes specialist vehicles can also be constructed.

We also have various air-suspended trays that can be fitted inside such vehicles, in addition to converting the vehicle suspension. These further dampen harsh vibrations from being driven on the road and further protect delicate loads. Each project is priced separately so please contact us by email with a brief outline of what you are hoping to achieve and we will do our best to assist.