Volkswagen Transporter T5/T6 Full Kit | Air Lift Performance


This is an Air Lift Performance kit for the VW Transporter T5/T6 (2003-current).

Developed in 2019, this kit is the most recent T5 kit to hit the market; Air Lift Performance, renowned globally for giving cars a street-skimming stance, are now determined to give your T5 or T6 the same treatment.

Make sure to read the ‘Description’ tab below for more information about this kit and Air Lift themselves. Check out the ‘Options’ tab for more information on our management choices, such as the digital computer system or manual paddle control.

Also be sure to check out our other kits for T5s and T6s. AirRide have been making Transporter kits for more than 15 years and have since developed affordable kits for extreme comfort, great drop and kits that offer a bit of both. Call or e-mail us for information on all the T5 and T6 kits we offer.

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Air Lift Performance have released their own full kit for the T5 and T6, for Transporter owners looking to show off their custom builds while carrying heavy loads.

The guys at Air Lift have manufactured extra-large, double-convoluted air bags for the front and back, meaning you’ll get a 6.2-inch drop at the front and a 6-inch drop at the rear.

The front bags, meanwhile, are partnered with height-adjustable dampers with 30 levels of adjustability, and also require no modifications to your Transporter to install.

All Air Lift Performance kits are tested on the company’s own hydraulic test rig for more than a million cycles before then being subjected to temperatures ranging from -34 degrees C to 65 degrees, so they’re extremely reliable too!

Here’s exactly what you get in your kit:

  • Two front Transporter performance air struts
  • Two rear Transporter performance air struts
  • Four air bags, one for each corner (built into struts)
  • Necessary brackets, bolts and fittings to install the system

You can also add an air management system if you wish. To get the most from an Air Lift Performance kit, a control system is recommended. With a management system you also get:

  • An air tank, if needed
  • Viair 444C compressor or equivalent
  • Manual controllers or the Air Lift 3P digital computer system

If your system needs are not met or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us on 0800 772 0315.

About Air Lift Performance

Air Lift was founded in Michigan, USA, in 1949.

Throughout 70 years of designing and manufacturing air bags they have routinely given car owners fresh reasons to get air ride – from Air Lift-fitted stock racing cars in the ‘50s and ‘60s, to the ‘90s when Air Lift Performance was founded to slam custom cars, to now, when Performance air suspension offers a smooth, street-skimming ride for anyone looking to add more style to their pride and joy.

Which Kit Do I Need?

Some air suspension kits offer better ride quality, while others allow your Transporter to drop extra low. To settle on your perfect kit, you need to decide on the compromise you want between each – either amazing ride quality, really low drop or a balance between the two.

If you’re mainly looking for a low stance

AirRide Custom Plus – This kit has shorter struts and lower volume bags to offer more drop at the front and rear. Ths makes it much easier to give your Transporter a street-skimming stance, while the bags are still big enough to offer good ride quality; Custom Plus is a great compromise between the two.

Best used on stanced vehicles and lightweight vans.

To view this kit click here.

AirRide Gold- Gold bags allow for lots of adjustment. This means you can ride your T5/T6 very low but at the price of the ride quality, which is similar to decent coil-overs at adecent height (i.e. not as good as original suspension). However, the Gold kit is much more refined than coil-overs and won’t leave you with any crashing or banging.

Best used on stanced vehicles, lightweight vans.

To view this kit click here.

If you’re looking for incredible ride quality

AirRide Ultimate – This is the best Transporter kit on the market. It uses huge, reversible sleeve bags made by Dunlop for front struts and on the rear. The bags are not only incredibly reliable but offer the best ride quality your T5 or T6 can achieve, with up to twice the air volume of any other bag. Built on genuine VW cores, the kit is designed for comfort and durability, rather than extreme drop. Note: this kit does not include rear shock absorbers.

Great for load support on heavy vehicles such as heavy-duty motorhomes, vans, wheelchair access vehicles and campers.

To view this kit click here.

AirRide Custom – Uses 7-inch bags at the front and 7-inch bags at the rear. The rear suspension will drop the tyres inside your Transporters arches. The front struts are OEM struts for maximum comfort. This kit is focused on offering a great ride for your T5/T6 and is best driven at practical heights. It is a good option for motorhomes. Use this if your budget won’t stretch to AirRide Ultimate. Note: This kit does not include rear shock absorbers.

Best used on medium-duty campers, vans, minibuses.

To view this kit click here.

Other kits

Ta Technix – A good option if you are on a budget. This German-made kit is high quality and durable. It rides and drops well, albeit not to extreme levels. A nice entry level kit for practical everyday use.

Low cost and easy to fit.

To view this kit click here.

Air Lift- Air Lift Performance, renowned globally for giving cars a street-skimming stance, are now determined to give your T5 or T6 the same treatment. Sizes of the bags are 5.5 inch on the rear and 7 inches on the front.

Best used on stanced cars and lightweight vans.

To view this kit click here.


Air Lift Performance kits can be supplied with or without air management (otherwise known as On-Board Air (OBA)).

Air management allows you to get the very best from your kit at all times. It allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, and gives you the ability to drop your ride height when you can, while lifitng it when required. If in doubt, please contact us via email or phone.

No compressor, no tank

You can have an Air Lift Performance kit with no air management system but this is not recommended. With this option you will receive the air bags, brackets and struts required for a basic air suspension system, but no compressor or tank, as without some form of control system the compressor and tank would not be able to function correctly.

Manual Paddle Control (MPC)

MPC comes with an aluminium, 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It is controlled with four buttons, one for each air bag. The buttons act like electric window switches, meaning you can either raise or lower the amount of pressure in each air bag by pressing up and down on each switch.

Digital computer system

The computer system comes with an aluminium 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It electronically controls the amount of pressure in each air bag. This can be controlled either with a wired controller or a phone app.  With the computer, you can adjust your car to certain pre-set heights and alter the vehicle’s height while on the move. This is also the easiest system to install; it is the most highly-recommended option.

Other options

If you would prefer an air control system other to those listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are happy to discuss your personal requirements and make sure you get the air control system that is right for you.


Although these kits are specifically for the Transporter, we supply Air Lift Performance kits for many other vehicles. To find an Air Lift Performance kit for your car, select ‘Air Lift’ and then the relevant page for your car from the ‘Shop’ section above or use the search function to the right.

If we don’t provide a kit for your specific car, we can still provide air suspension for most vehicles. Please feel free to call us on 0800 772 0315 or email us to discuss options for your Transporter or other vehicle.

Your local garage should be able to fit an Air Lift Performance kit without much difficulty. Alternatively, give us a call (0800 772 0315) and we can arrange the installation on your behalf. We are also happy to talk you or your garage through the installation process.


There have been important changes to the manufacturer’s warranty from 03/09/2021.

3P/3H/3S have a 2 year warranty if purchased without AirLift Suspension.

3P, 3H and 3S have a 4 year warranty if purchased with a front and rear suspension kit from AirLift Performance.

Suspension kits have a 1 year warranty if bought without 3P, 3S, or 3H and a 2 year warranty if bought at the same time.

All warranties are limited to the original buyer and proof of purchase will be required for warranty claims placed direct with AirLift. Registration of your warranty will be required.