Air Lift Performance Universal Shock


Air Lift Performance universal struts. numbers 75563, 75564, 75567 and 75568 are all fairly similar with different looks. These are well suited to many applications, including hotrods, custom cars, classic cars, kit cars, and sport cars with smaller coilover shock designs. These are a reversible sleeve design and ride well, lift well, and fit into compact spaces. Various end fittings are available for these.


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These are universal products. This means they are not a direct fit onto any specific vehicle. There is a choice of 4 different lengths of these universal air shocks, also know as dampers or struts. Each dimension also have a number of end fittings available which means a great many vehicles can be accomodated.

Product codes  75563, 75564, 75567 and 75568. We are also able to supply any Air Lift products on the market.